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The Slimming Spa brings the healing spa home to you - HTE Americas Spa products, Chi, ERE (Electro Reflex Energizer) and Soqibed machines. Visit our order page for your spa machines and supplements today.

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The ERE Machine, Hot House Far Infrared Domes, Soqi Bed, the Chi Machine and many more. Read about how they can change your health; your life.

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HTE Americas is a leader in the spa machine world with the original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, FAR infrared ERE Machine, FAR infrared FIR to GO and lumbar pads.

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Meet the products of The Slimming Spa including home spa original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, FAR infrared ERE Machine, FAR infrared FIR to GO and lumbar pads, Green drinks, BetaLoe, TaiChi Formula and more.

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Order The Slimming Spa products of The Slimming Spa including home spa original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, FAR infrared ERE Machine, FAR infrared FIR to GO and lumbar pad, Hothouse Domes, Green drinks, BetaLoe, TaiChi Formula and more.

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Read more about our products and the technology behind them. Find our The Slimming Spa products are changing lives.

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chi Machine

    The Chinese Approach to Good Health
    The Chinese approach to good health reaches as far back as the sixth century B.C. when Lao-Tsu, a contemporary of Confucius, established a religion known as Taoism.  Taoism was a philosophy or a way of […]

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  • Massage Therapy at Home with Chi Machine

    Massage therapy has long been noted to help release endorphins and improve many physical problems including sprains, strains, fibrosis, and more.  It is known to improve blood circulation by bringing more oxygen and other nutrients to the body’s tissues.  Today, […]

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  • Oxygenate and Massage with Chi Machine

    Each day, hundreds of people receive massages for one reason or another; pain, relaxation, physical therapy.  Whether it is for pure enjoyment or pain relief, massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular.  Rather than spending hundreds of dollars weekly at a […]

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  • Improving Your Health, Mind and Body

    The Chinese believe that we are all born with energy or Chi. Chi is the driving energy force within our bodies that helps us achieve optimal health.  Without good Chi, we are susceptible to various illnesses as our bodies become […]

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  • The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

    The Sun Harmony Chi Machine is an internationally acclaimed medical device that provides detoxification and oxygenation and that can be used for massage therapy and weight loss.  The original Chi Machine was created after 38 years of medical and scientific […]

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  • How to Use The Slimming Spa

    Standard Operation Procedure of SOQI Slimming SPA
    > — Step by step
    Before we get started, be sure that you always drink as much water as you can per day.

    Step 1
    First, use a measuring tape to measure your belly button, also measure […]

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  • Shape Your Figure with Bianca Body Profile

    Shape each inch of your skin and reshape your figure with Body Profile.   Just a small amount of Body Profile helps you achieve a more effective, faster weight loss while “sculpting” your shape for fabulous results.
    Body Profile extracts […]

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  • Bianca Body Profile Massage Techniques

    Step 1

    Begin with your hands flat on the lower abdomen and use your thumb to press it and then slide your hands to waist in a forward and backward motion and make a half circle.

    Step 2

    1. Put Body Profile on […]

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  • Lose Weight and Inches

    Lose Weight and Inches with The Slimming Spa Products
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  • Burn Fat With FAR Infrared Hothouse Dome

    Burn Fat
    The HotHouse™ — Heat power decomposes fat

    The HotHouse™is built with an exclusive fine ceramic technology and formed as a 160-degree semicircle. It uses only 8-10 micrometer infrared rays, the most beneficial wavelength for life forms. It can penetrate deep […]

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