• Break Down Fat

    Break Down Fat

    WITH THE ERE electro reflexology energizer — Deeper and Wider

    Break down fat, firm up and slim down. You don’t have to exercise to slim easily!


    Massage technology has come a long way in a short time and can now penetrate the hypodermic fat deeply by
    disintegrating the fat by vibration, and scattering the stubborn fatty tissue directly.

    The ultra-low wave ELECTRO REFLEX ENERGIZER
    (ERE) can penetrate the muscle to stimulate the high-speed micro vibration, which decomposes the unnecessary calories and expands the capillaries to carry off the waste in your body. The muscle produces powerful movement contraction by ultra-low wave stimulation. The ERE electro reflexology energizer also takes care of the fatty tissue as it devitalizes fat and calories to firm your skin and muscles.

    There are 3 massage modes that you can apply to all of the acupuncture points on your body including your feet, thighs, waist, arms and shoulders. The ERE’s gentle relaxing massage can enhance metabolism function and relieve tense muscles while effectively loosening and decomposing stubborn fat cells. You can put the pads on wherever you
    want to slim down and achieve the best weight loss results.

    The movement of the ERE is also good for: Eliminating tiredness, Relieving soreness, Massaging deep into the tissue, Enhancing immunity, Speeding up your metabolism and detoxifing your body (as indicated by the charts.)

    * It is highly recommended to drink lots of water with one pack of Enzyme after using the ERE. This can increase your
    metabolism, enhance your bowel movement, and reduce constipation.

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