• Burn Fat With FAR Infrared Hothouse Dome

    Burn Fat

    The HotHouse — Heat power decomposes fat



    The HotHouseis built with an exclusive fine ceramic technology and formed as a 160-degree semicircle. It uses only 8-10 micrometer infrared rays, the most beneficial wavelength for life forms. It can penetrate deep into tissues, resonate cells, and be absorbed by the human body. As a result, body temperature increases, capillaries are dilated and blood circulation is improved. This results in energy, restoration of physical strength and pain relief.
    Decompose unwanted fat by using Far Infrared Rays (FIR). The sympathetic chord absorption and the molecular correction function increase the hypodermic temperature and raises it to approximately 42º (degrees), which speeds up metabolism, and immediately begins to decompose fat cells in your body by using FIR heat.
    Improve blood circulation with effective transportation of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Improved blood circulation helps you maintain your normal body functions, thus preventing and lessening your chances of getting a chronic degenerative disease.
    Improve lymph circulation by supplying lymph fluid around your body cells. Toxic wastes and dead cells are transported out through lymph vessels, which don’t have a pump like a heart for blood vessels. But thermal energy can help to improve lymph circulation for effective body detoxification.
    Enhance immune system because of the improved blood and lymph circulation.

    Using the HotHouse™ and Body Profile together makes a strong formula for success. The heating and decomposing of unwanted fat assists you in achieving slenderness by directly aiming at particular targets such as your waistline, belly, ABS and thighs. If you combine the Chi Machine you may also remove unnecessary body fluid.
    Chi Machine + HotHouse = SOQI Combo

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