FIR to GO Infrared Pad

FAR Infrared FIR to GO PadPortable FIR Health Unit – Take Infrared Rays where ever you go. You can with HTE Fir-to-go Infrared pad.

What Are Infrared Rays?

Within the magnetic spectrum, the unaided human eye can see some rays, such as light. Most, however, are totally invisible to us. Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are well beyond the ability of the naked eye to see. FIR is capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where it can gently elevate the body’s surface temperature. When it does so, it helps to expand capillaries, which stimulates blood circulation. This warming sensation gives the body a feeling of well-being, and relaxation.

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FIR-PAD® is the result of requests from our Distributors for a more portable and precise FIR technology unit. It is a new innovation in comfort and relaxation, utilizing unique precision ceramics which are heated and transfer comforting, radiant heat. Based on the famous technology of the HotHouse® and FIR-TO-GO® provides more controlled warmth by focusing on a specific part of the body.

You get total enjoyment- and it is completely safe and very comfortable.


Portable topical warming unit

* Can be used anywhere…while working, watching television, on the phone.
* Produces a warm comfortable feeling
* A perfect adjunct to massage and other manipulative modalities
* Simple to operate and convenient to use
* Its design permits it to be fully articulated: up and down, left and right.
* 8~10 micron wavelength complements/matches body’s own


Set Time: Three options up 60 minutes and up to 122 degrees. Normal duration for warming any single place on the body is 10 to 30 minutes every time, maximum twice daily.

Set Intensity: Intensity levels settings up to 122 degree. You can set/change the intensity level while the unit is operating. Pressing and holding the “POWER” button until you reach the temperature you are comfortable.  Be sure to use clothing, a towel or sheet so that it is not against bare skin.

Safety: It has automatic temperature control circuitry and circuit breaker.  Will not overheat.


This device should NOT be used if you have any acute diseases, open sores, a serious heart condition, are using a pace-maker, or have serious high blood pressure. Persons who are pregnant, nursing a baby, have any medical condition including allergies and skin disorders or are taking any medication should consult with their doctors before using.

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