• How to Use The Slimming Spa

    Standard Operation Procedure of SOQI Slimming SPA
    > — Step by step

    Before we get started, be sure that you always drink as much water as you can per day.

    Step 1

    First, use a measuring tape to measure your belly button, also measure three fingers above the belly button and three fingers below belly bottom. Record these three measurements for future reference.

    Step 2

    Have model lay down on SOQI bed, showing her abdomen. Then, use small towels to cover model’s cloths and pants.

    Step 3

    Place ERE Pad on parts where you want to lose weight, set to mode 3 for 15mins.

    Step 4

    Put appropriate amount of Body Profile on the area where you want to slim and massage for 10 minuets by the following procedures. Recommended use is 4 squirts of Body Profile.

    Step 5

    Warp and cover your abdomen with plastic wrap. Wrap around 3 layers.

    Step 6

    Use Hothouse for 30 mins. Use Chi Machine for 15 mins and divided into 2 times (5 mins, 10 mins)

    Step 7

    Using a scissor safely cut open the plastic wrap; use a towel to clean up.

    Step 8

    As mentioned above, measure it again.


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