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    The Chinese believe that we are all born with energy or Chi.The Original Sun Ancon Harmony Chi Machine Chi is the driving energy force within our bodies that helps us achieve optimal health.  Without good Chi, we are susceptible to various illnesses as our bodies become quite vulnerable.  There are a number of ways that you can insure that you have good Chi, which includes exercising regularly.  However, for many individuals, having the time and sometimes even energy to exercise seems to get lost and we never take the time to do so.  We all lead busy lives and have hectic schedules and when we go home, we just simply want to relax.  While that is understandable, it is also hurtful to your health.  So, what can you do about it? 

    Relax and Still Achieve Good Health 

    SoQi Bed with Hothouse Infrared Domes and Chi MachinesOkay, this may sound incredible, but it is true.  You can relax and not exercise, and still achieve good health.  How is that possible?  Simply, with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the SoQi Bed These two unique systems do all the work for you, while you simply lie back and listen to music while relaxing under a pool of warm rays.  The SoQi Chi Spa provides you with aerobic stimulation in a unique way.  The way the Chi Machine works is by gently swinging the entire body from left to right, while aligning the spine to proper position, resulting in improved oxygen circulation.  It actually massages you to better health! The SoQi Bed even comes with built in stereo speakers and a very enjoyable and relaxing CD to enhance your Chi experience.

    With the body in a relaxed state, the Chi Machine does all the exercising for you through a snakelike or also called goldfish like action.  This form of exercise increases oxygenation in the body and stimulates globulin production, which results in an improved immune system.  Fifteen minutes of using the SoQi Chi Spa and Chi Machine is equivalent to your taking a 90-minute brisk walk.  This means that you can now relax and still speed up your metabolism, thereby improving your nutrient absorption and ultimately achieving good health.  Enjoy better health, steady weight loss, improved circulation, healthy organ function, and more with the SoQi Chi Spa and Chi Machine!

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