• Massage Therapy at Home with Chi Machine

    The Original Sun Ancon Harmony Chi MachineMassage therapy has long been noted to help release endorphins and improve many physical problems including sprains, strains, fibrosis, and more.  It is known to improve blood circulation by bringing more oxygen and other nutrients to the body’s tissues.  Today, you can achieve all this and more with the Sun Anon Chi Machine and the SoQi Bed.  In addition, with the help of a proper diet and exercise, the Chi Machine’s massage therapy can help to reduce fat deposits and improve the overall contour of your body.

    Quality Massage Therapy at Home

    Getting a quality massage in the privacy of your home couldn’t get any better than with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the SoQi Bed.  Together, these machines provide your body with aerobic stimulation and massage while you relax as though sunbathing under the Far Infrared Rays of the Hot House.  Best of all, you can enjoy your spa day at home!  Never before could you receive such quality treatment other than at costly spas and resorts.  Today, you can relax in the comfort and privacy of your own home and achieve healthful results.

    Stimulating the body with massage therapy will help to open up the bronchioles, allowing the lungs and the body’s blood cells to receive more oxygen.  The Chi Machine produces an oscillating motion so that your body’s cells receive maximum movement that allows for proper energy flow stimulation.  This stimulation oxygenates, tones and strengthens the body with very little energy exertion on your part.  This massage stimulation also energizes the spine and the nervous system and helps to increase spinal marrow blood production.  This is very beneficial to those who suffer from anemia.

    Other Benefits

    • Manipulates muscles so that circulation improves
    • Decreases muscle tension and improves flexibility
    • Increases endorphin levels that allow for faster recovery, reduced pain, and less anxiety
    • Excites cellular metabolism
    • Stimulates globulin production
    • Restores balance to the autonomic nervous system and internal organs

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