• Oxygenate and Massage with Chi Machine

    The Original Sun Ancon Harmony Chi MachineEach day, hundreds of people receive massages for one reason or another; pain, relaxation, physical therapy.  Whether it is for pure enjoyment or pain relief, massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular.  Rather than spending hundreds of dollars weekly at a costly spa or at a massage therapist’s office, you can now take advantage of owning your own Sun Ancon Chi Machine and massage your way to good health! 

    Unlike many other types of equipment, the Chi Machine is portable and easy to use.  You can even take it with you on vacation!  The Original Chi Machine weighs only 13 pounds.  Many hospitals worldwide have found that the Chi Machine is one of the best health recovery devices to have.  Massage Therapists, Masseuses/Masseurs, Chiropractors, and even Ophthalmologists have testified to the Chi Machine’s healing results.   

    Improve Your Oxygen Circulation

    The Original Chi Machine is a totally unique health recovery device that promotes good health.  Those who practice Chi Gong understand how the chi sends messages throughout the body.  Chinese herbal doctors have long understood that good oxygen-blood circulation, means good health.  The Chi Machine swings the entire body from left to right in a gentle rhythmic motion which results in improved oxygen circulation.  Optimal oxygen circulation is the difference between being healthy or not.  It has been noted in the medical community that those who have good oxygen circulation are less likely to develop cancer.  Poor oxygen circulation can result in:

    Intestinal problems
    Sleep and Respiratory disorders
    Immune deficiencies
    Cardiac symptoms
    Blood chemistry disturbances

    The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and The SoQi Bed

    Another health device is the SoQi Bed which is used frequently with the Sun Ancon Chi Machine for complete massage therapy.  The SoQi Bed blends thermal and motion energy and spa music together for intensive and relaxing massage therapy.  It helps to initiate the body’s detoxification process and increases oxygenation.  By achieving proper oxygen function, your Chi will improve and send good messages so that you feel better, look better, and simply are better!

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