SoQi Bed

SoQi Bed with Hothouse Infrared Domes and Chi MachinesThe SOQI Total Health Spa is a futuristic blend of HTE equipment developed to focus on the family health care trends of today. It is a brand new health management concept utilizing the latest in scientific technology. Integrating motion energy, thermal energy, and spa music into a multi-energy product,

The SOQI Sound Bed combines Eastern health philosophy and modern technology, and is capable of delivering this technology to every home all over the world.”

When you purchase a complete Total Health Spa with 3 regular or 3 grande hot houses, you will receive the chi machine (shown at the end of the bed here) FREE.



The SOQI Bed is a futuristic piece of equipment developed to revitalize and refresh the body. The SOQI Bed incorporates natural therapies and high quality products using a unique “Multiple Energy Approach.” Combined with an ergonomically designed massage table bed and spa music, the SOQI Bed is a state of the art approach to relaxation, rejuvenation and vitality! Treat yourself to this out of this world experience and rediscover complete ecstasy and bliss with the SOQI Bed!


Motion Energy – Proper circulation is vital for any living creature to thrive. Motion energy stems off of the concept of full body oxygenation. That is, delivering oxygen to all parts of the body internally so that every cell is functioning at optimal levels. Full body oxygenation can be achieved through cardiovascular exercise as well as our revolutionary heavily researched Chi Machine…

Thermal Energy – All living creatures in one way or another need the sun’s rays to survive. We use the natural energy from the sun to power our bodies. Our concept of Thermal Energy utilizes a form of infrared known as Far Infrared. NASA utilizes infrared in much of their research. Hospitals use Far Infrared on babies with Jaundice and other skin disorders. Using the sun’s natural rays, far infrared rays, we have developed the HotHouse…

Music Therapy – Research suggests that Music Therapy lowers heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Combining relaxing music with Thermal and Motion energies synergize well together offering you the most relaxing experience of your life!

Chi Machine – Since 1990, over five million Chi Machines® have been sold worldwide. The Chi Machine® is a product with over 38 years of extensive research and is designed to oxygenate the body. The Chi Machine has gained a tremendous reputation for its solid construction and outstanding benefits. Unlike many types of medical devices, the Chi Machine® is easy to use, providing excellent results without stress or injury to the body.

HotHouse – The HotHouse™ produces its unique effect through radiant FIR heat. Its unique arched design enhances the thermal-effect. Experience complete enjoyment and total relaxation. The HotHouse is easy to use and very comfortable making you feel absolutely wonderful! Why are we hearing so many wonderful and positive things from the many devoted users of the HotHouse™? Because the HotHouse™ really works!

Bed Body – The SOQI Bed consists of a high quality superior massage table design. Equipped with three HotHouses with ample room for maneuverability, Chi Machine, user friendly control panel and built in Compact Disc player, this top of the line unit is second to none. The SOQI Bed’s unique design features insulated strips to heighten the Far Infrared effect, horizontal handles, two piece bed body, ergonomically designed pillow and user friendly touch control panel.


  • Chi Machine – Oxygenates body restoring balance and energy levels
  • Triple HotHouse – Far Infrared penetrating heat produces body rejuvenation and renewal
  • Massage Table – Soft comfortable professional bed designed for relaxation
  • Spa Music – Special arrangements of music therapy for the ultimate spa experience
  • Built in CD Player – Customize your experience with music of your choice
  • Two Piece Bed Body- Convenient and easily transportable
  • Horizontal Handles – Engineered for easy HotHouse maneuverability
  • Ergonomically Designed Pillow- Tailored to conform to your unique shape and size
  • Control Panel- User friendly, touch control panel allows access to all features while laying down
  • Posterior Face Cradle – Provides the option of lying face down for back relief, healing and massage
  • Hidden Sub-Storage- Space for your extras and personal belongings
  • Triple FIR Heat Strips-Insulates HotHouses to emphasize FIR effect
  • FIR Curtains-Dual curtains for front and rear to maximize FIR effect
  • Three HotHouse Extensions- Ability to adjust HotHouse dimensions
  • Two Armrests-Useful when HotHouses are used outside of the SOQI Bed
  • Bed Body Curtain – covers table and interior adding to the SOQI Bed’s attractiveness


  • Dimensions: L86” x W37” x H40”
  • Weight: approx. 60kg (132lbs)
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Voltage: AC 100V-120V
  • Consumption: approx. 1000 Watts