• The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine

    FAR nfrared Hothouse DomeThe Sun Harmony Chi Machine is an internationally acclaimed medical device that provides detoxification and oxygenation and that can be used for massage therapy and weight loss.  The original Chi Machine was created after 38 years of medical and scientific research by Dr. Shizou Inoue.  Dr. Inoue created the chi machine to aid in the healing and prevention of illness and other physical disorders by maximizing the body’s natural absorption of oxygen. 

    Our bodies need oxygenation in order to perform at their best.  That is why we are told to exercise.  The Sun Harmony/Sun Ancon Chi Machine massages the body by gently moving it from side to side in a figure eight position, bringing the body to a cellular level where oxygenation will occur.  By simply using the Chi Machine for four to six minutes, one to three times daily, you will feel better, look better, and be able to achieve an improved sense of healing and wellness. 

    The Sun Harmony Chi Machine Can Help . ..

    Tired and sore muscles
    Arthritis pain
    Back pain and bone spurs
    Poor digestion
    Poor function of internal organs
    Poor physical endurance
    Poor circulation
    Menstrual pain
    Many other chronic disorders

    Improved Overall Health

    Stimulating the body with Chi Machine’s massage therapy will certainly benefit you greatly.  However, with the SoQi Bed, you can get the Chi Machine’s benefits and more.  Together, you get a SoQi Total Health Management System that combines Physical Resonance (Chi Machine), Far Infrared Heat (Hot House), and Low Frequency Waves (Electro Reflex Energizer).  This relaxing therapy provides you with traditional Chi Kong, physical therapy, Chiropractic adjustments, and massage therapy all in one!  Together, you will certainly improve your overall health.

    This is what is known as the Total Health Spa because it truly is a total health spa in your home.  The Total Health Spa includes 3 hot house infrared domes that plug directly into the SoQi Bed so that you do not have to turn them on individually and turn them off either. The Total Health Spa also allows you to program the music with speakers at your head and a comfortable position for your spa time.  Lastly, the Chi machine is also made for this bed so that it plug in directly to the bed so that you can also control the amount of Chi time you have while on the SoQi Bed.

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