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    The Chinese Approach to Good HealthThe Original Sun Ancon Harmony Chi Machine

    The Chinese approach to good health reaches as far back as the sixth century B.C. when Lao-Tsu, a contemporary of Confucius, established a religion known as Taoism.  Taoism was a philosophy or a way of life.  It was not so much built around the worshiping of God, but rather living one’s life according to various principles that include wisdom, spirit, and maintenance of good health.  These principles, referred to as Taos, are the fundamental basis of Chinese medicine, also known as Chi.   The Chinese believe that not only is the body made up of individual organs, but also that these organs work together on a holistic level.  For instance, if a particular organ is sick, then one should not just look at that organ but at all organs to determine the cause.  In addition, it is also important to look at the Chi or energy of the body.  The Chi flows throughout the entire body and can be found at a molecular level.  When the Chi is strong, the body is operating at its best.  When it is weak, the body becomes sick and weak.  It is believed that Chi regulates one’s emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical balance.  

    Achieving Good Chi

    Good Chi can be developed through the linking of physical movement and breathing.  Those who have had acupuncture or a shiatsu massage most likely have already experienced a good Chi.  Unfortunately, having to get acupuncture or shiatsu massages on a regular basis can be quite costly.  Fortunately however, you can achieve good Chi without even having to leave your own home!  With the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the SoQi Bed, you can get the benefits of acupuncture, a shiatsu massage, aerobic exercise, and Far Infrared Therapy. 

    The Original Chi Machine and Far Infrared Therapy from the SoQi Bed initiate a total body detoxification process.  Together, they help to increase oxygenation in the body, and this in turn results in improved circulation, less pain and inflammation, and improved globulin production which increases your immune system capacity.  With its gentle, lateral movement, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine uses motion to arouse energy in the body and stimulate the nervous system.  This results in improved oxygen flow in the body, and this helps your organs receive the vital nutrients and oxygen they need.  Using the Original Chi Machine and the SoQi Bed’s Hothouse together is an even more powerful way to achieve good Chi.  The HotHouse utilizes thermal energy to improve circulation even more. 

    We have several websites that are geared toward helping couples overcome infertility and we have found that by stimulating the chi through acupuncture has been one of the most beneficial breakthroughs and therapies.

    To learn more about how the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the SoQi Bed can help you achieve good Chi, contact us today!

    For more information on how the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the SoQi Bed can benefit you, please contact us today!

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    Begin relaxing your way to good health today!

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